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Since we only have this o-n-e crazy life to live, shouldn't it be amazing?

What if all it takes to change your life is to change the way you're thinking about it?

For a very long time we believed the rules. All the rules. Especially the rules that said do this, not that to be "happy" and "successful."

Then... in our 30s... we were exposed to a new way of believing and thinking about life (and learned the rules are fake!).

All of the work we do, businesses we own and conversations we have (+ this site) point back to sharing what we've learned with as many amazing humans as will listen. 

What to expect: Some of our favorite topics tend to relate to communication, money, health, business, relationships and personal goals (so, life!).

We belief there is one incredible tool we have learned along the way that can improve the way we solve ANY problem in life. Really.

We are big fans of glancing backward to understand and gazing forward to thefuture.


Image by Breno Assis

We believe in acquiring assets & building businesses to make money even when we're not working

Our latest initiative is also our current favorite.


If you've reached our site because you learned about our desire to purchase real estate or your business, welcome! Please dig in to find a bit more about us and reach out when you're ready to move forward. 



Business is repeatable processes and execution.

The success we have had in our professional careers affirm the passion we have for business and entrepreneurship. We know first hand how challenging it can be to take an idea from a vision board to an actual tangible, shippable product or service. We work with organizations and visionaries that are willing to work smart, hard and efficiently to make their dream a reality.

There is a lot of great info out there available. The sheer amount can result in what feels like noise. We curate all the noise down to actionable steps visionaries can apply to execute.

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Why "prolific journey" anyway?

prolific (adjective): fruitful, inventive, creative, abundant, lush

journey (noun):  an act of traveling from one place to another or a process of personal change and development

When we learned the rules are fake, it changed our lives... now we want every activity we get involved with to include sharing this fresh perspective with the world.

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