Since we only have this o-n-e crazy life to live, shouldn't it be amazing?

What if all it takes to change your life is to change the way you're thinking about it?

We provide tools for healthy, highly functioning people to solve problems and reach goals. We work on improving thoughts related to money, health, business, relationships and personal goals (so, life!).

More specifically, we use one main (amazing) tool to teach clients the way to solve any problem in their life - really. 

We are not psychologists or clinical therapists. While that is extremely powerful work in the right situation when a specialized focus on the past is required, we find clients benefit and make progress from coaching when they are ready for the tools they can use to create a future looking forward.


Image by Kyle Glenn

Learn, Grow, Teach

Teaching is one of our most serious responsibilities. It's important to us to share everything we know and do it in a way where people in different stages of life can learn and apply it in ways that work for them.


We are acutely aware of the privileges we have as we walk out this amazing life we've been given. We don't take one moment for granted and is why we focus all the moments on how we can not only give back, but bring others along with us. 

Some of our most popular teaching & coaching topics: 

Money - Our relationship and what we think about money impacts every other single aspect of our lives. It's possible to change our experience with it and change everything! 

Mindset - It all comes back to what we think. What we think about and decide to feel will motivate our actions and create our results. Every single time. We teach how to be intentional for a strong thought game. 


Image by Zoriana Stakhniv

Personal Training for Newlyweds

Our latest initiative is also our current favorite. We made it through the fire of meshing two individuals lives and families into one flesh AND we lived to tell (and laugh and smile) about it... because of that it's important to us to also teach about it.

We learned so (!) much and in hindsight (of course!) see how pivotal the first year of marriage really is. As a result we have created a set of resources and tools that are changing the game for newlyweds experiencing conflict and disillusionment. It's not inevitable and it can be improved! 




Business is repeatable processes and execution.

The success we have had in our careers affirm the passion we have for business and entrepreneurship. We know first hand how challenging it can be to take an idea from a vision board to an actual tangible, shippable product or service. We work with organizations and visionaries that are willing to work smart, hard and efficiently to make their dream a reality.

There is a lot of great info out there available. The sheer amount can result in what feels like noise. We curate all the noise down to actionable steps visionaries can execute on.


Why "prolific journey" anyway?

prolific (adjective): fruitful, inventive, creative, abundant, lush

journey (noun):  an act of traveling from one place to another or a process of personal change and development

We help you learn the tools and mindset shifts necessary to change your journey to prolific... 

Ready to move from enduring to evolving?

Our clients reach out to us when they want to see results they haven't been able to get on their own 

Everything is figure-out-able! By investing the time and resources to expose our minds to new concepts and thoughts we make room for the life we dream of having.


Listen - the results and experiences we have in life are not random and are not left up to someone else. This isn’t what we are taught in school and it’s not how many of the people we spend our time with or around think… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!


The thoughts we think create the choices we make and they are 100% optional. It’s not easy work we’re doing, but it’s worth every moment of hustle and heart it takes to stop doing life they way you were told to live it and instead find a new way of thinking and doing that feels like the life you want to be a part of.

Life is for more than just getting by, it's about being amazing. We can't control the circumstances of life and some are going to suck, but we can control WAY more than most of us are are taught -let us show you how!