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Thinking Partners. Entrepreneurs. Coaches. Lifelong Learners.

Aside from our professional experience and education, which you can find here and here, we also work hard and are fun to work with (maybe this only matters to us?!). Big advocates of lifelong learning, we believe what you know is as important (or more) than who you know. 

After some significant life changes and choices in our 30s, we’ve worked hard to create a life we don’t need a weekend to escape from. 


We believe we each have a set time here in this world to add the value we’re here to add and solve the problems we’re here to help solve.


Our approach to a challenge: if there's a problem, there's a solution. The stuff that we do that is the hardest to do is the stuff that makes life the best. Everything is figure-out-able. Let's figure it out!

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